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Challenge: Resolve to be Green in 2013: 3 Simple Green Ideas To Help Yourself And The Planet!

Challenge: Resolve to be Green in 2013: 3 Simple Green Ideas To Help Yourself And The Planet!

The Earth's Future is in Our Hands

It’s a fact: we need to make changes now to protect our planet for future generations. At the beginning of a new year, let’s examine our lifestyles and see how we can make some simple changes that will have a lasting effect on our environment. Here are a few easy ways to live green (and even save green) in the new year.


Buy Less Bottled Water

buy-less-bottled-water-use-reusable-water-bottlesAccording to the Clean Air Council, “26 to 41 percent of the 2.4 million tons of polyethylene terephthalate plastic discarded every year is bottled water bottles.” The solution to this is simple: buy less water. A few years back, I stopped buying a case of water per week and instead began carrying a reusable water bottle with me. This change not only nets at least $150 in savings annually, but also eliminates the disposal of hundreds of water bottles (I drink a lot of water.) When disposable water bottles are unavoidable, be sure to recycle them properly, which includes removing the lids so that they don’t get caught in the sorting equipment.

Drive Less

walk-or-cycle-rather-than-driveA University of Wisconsin study revealed, “short trips on bicycles could save approximately four trillion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 1,100 lives and $7 billion in mortality and health care costs for the [Midwest] every year.”

I often walk into town or bike to the supermarket to pick up a few things rather then driving. Not only does leaving the car in the driveway better for the environment and your wallet, but has health benefits as well. A little extra exercise is good for all.

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

According to the Clean Air Council, Americans us one billion plastic shopping bags annually, but  less than one percent are recycled.These bags don’t biodegrade–they break down into smaller pieces in the sunlight and contaminates the soil and water. Reusable bags are easy to make, try one of these tutorials:

I keep a stash of reusable bags and produce bags in my car so that I always have one at hand.

Check back frequently for more ways to be green in 2013. Do you have any great green suggestions? We’d love to hear them!
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